Growth Hacking

David & Goliath at play in the world of Marketing

The might of brand ambassadors is becoming a question mark. Individual nano brand influencers are wielding a bigger power to influence consumer behaviour and buying decision.   

World class products rely more on these individual influencers & user communities around their product to create a sense of attachment with the product and thus creating “brand evangelists”. 

Think about brands like OnePlus, Jeep, PlayStation, Redbull and the age-old Harley Davidson, Apple, etc. Some of these have elevated to a cult like following. 

Splendid Product marrying Brand Evangelism – As a marketer my starting point is always the first P – Product. With a splendid product if we can add the power of brand evangelism then we can reduce or remove our dependence on lazy traditional mass media like broadcast, print and/or any other form of ATL media.

This need not always happen organically. We need to move the wheel. Reach out to individuals who are vocal and have got decent following either online or offline. Make them your users, anyhow. Make them fall in love with your product by giving them the requested novelty as well as the desired familiarity. Rinse and repeat. 

Like all good things it will take some time. Once it starts gaining momentum, you will be surprised with the outcome. Just be cautious, don’t stop the process after few initial successes because nothing happens by itself except chaos. You need to continuously nudge.

WIIFT – What’s in it for them –To create brand evangelists out of micro influencers, you need to know them well to think about their wins. If your business model allows, make them stake holders in your product offerings. Tweaking the product to embrace them is also a risk worth taking.

One of the most pervasive approaches is to make them affiliates of your products and thus, attach a monetary incentive to their bragging of your product.

Prime these individuals with your product’s unique-bragworthy-proposition (UBP), so that it’s at the top of their minds when they wish to talk about you in their social circles.

Where to get them? – If your product has a strong UBP the early adopters will appreciate it. Customer feedback emails, reviews & ratings on your website and playstore listings and social mentions. You can get them anywhere. Talk to them. Let them know how much you appreciate having them onboard.

You need to get more than a “good work” pat on the back from them.

Softly ask for a small favor like recording a video testimonial using their mobile cam. Or, to tweet a “good work” post tagging your brand handle. Or, post a testimonial on industry level discovery platforms like Airbnb, Zomato and so on. You can pick one platform at a time and blast it. Then move to the next one. However, never completely ignore things which you’ve started and which are still juicy.

Happiness is contagious. It can spread from your employees to your customers – Happy employees can bring in happy customers who would love to brag about their experiences with your people. Who wins in the process? – Everyone.

Employees feel good when they can create those “happy moments” which customers can take back with them. Employees need to be trained by establishing an emotion which they will experience on generating those wow moments for customers.

Customers will be happy which is the bottom line of this whole thought process. If we fail here, we fail everywhere.

Conclusion- The combined strength of many nano social influencers can exceed any advertisement campaign when a brand wish to gain loyal committed customer base. However, starting point of any sustainable marketing ideology is a great product. Followed by customers who’re nudged to talk about the product in their social circle. To further accentuate the process social media influencers in your domain can be converted in to your customers through sustained dialogues and incentives. Don’t forget that if your employees are happy, attached and trained, they can generate lot of happy customers and thus powerful nano brand evangelists. This culture if ingrained properly can lead to exponential top of the funnel growth.

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